Dr. Doug

Why Healing Time Ministries?

“In all my years of counseling, I have found this one thing to be true: Life can be difficult. I know, because I see “difficult” walk through my door every day. I see men who have allowed their lives to spiral out of control and now, as they hit rock bottom, they have become desperate for help. I also see broken-hearted wives, shocked at what they have just learned about the man they married. I have been free from sexual addiction for over 30 years and I want everyone to experience the freedom that I have. My heart is to heal the broken hearted and give hope where hope was once lost.” -Dr. Doug Weiss

That is why Dr. Doug started this ministry, to help heal the broken-hearted, the addict, the intimacy anorexic, he believes that this ministry can do all of this by producing content that can reach an international audience, and spreading the Word for all to hear.

Dr. Doug Weiss is a prolific writer and an Amazon Best Seller, he has published more than 30 books on addiction recovery as well as many books and DVDs for marriage and youth. Doug has appeared on prestigious national television shows including Oprah and Dr. Phil. His work and writings has also fueled a Lifetime Network movie and an international documentary depicting my private counseling practice.

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