And to the one who overcomes and continues in My work until the end, I will give authority over the nations.

Revelation 2:26

Indestructible: Your true nature in Christ

The Indestructible series gives you a foundational understanding about your innate design as God’s child. Addiction, betrayal, and abuse or neglected can all cause trials in our lives that can trigger feelings of worthlessness and defeat. God’s Word reveals that your soul is not capable of being destroyed. Once you recognize and embrace your indestructible nature, you can change how you think, feel, and believe about your past, present, and future!
In this teaching you will learn that:
  • God created you to be indestructible
  • Your eternal nature started at birth
  • Your trials, struggles, and tribulations are not capable of destroying you
  • Every human being is indestructible and faces an eternal choice

Biblical Teachings

Indestructible Groups

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Have you been struggling with trauma, abuse, or other difficult life events that have prohibited you from doing what you feel called to do for the Kingdom? Are you tired of sitting around, waiting for things to change, but don't have the energy to make your dreams happen? Indestructible groups give you the empowerment of Christ to fulfill your purpose in life and people to be accountable to in your journey. 

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Friend, you cannot be destroyed! Your soul is eternal and the great gift God has given to you through the death and resurrection of Jesus is an abundant and blessed life that goes on without end. You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are securely held, not because of your behavior or good works, but because of His faithfulness! With your spirit anchored in the steadfastness of His love, your life can loosen and blossom like a flower, drawing others to Him through its vibrancy. No matter what you face, you can stand upright in the soil of His goodness and sufficiency! Isn’t that wonderful news?

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