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Prodigal Parent Process



Many Christian parents endure the emotional and spiritual pain of loving a prodigal child. This series, developed by Dr. Doug Weiss, this series helps parents of prodigals walk heal on their journey.
Jesus has made it clear: In God’s eyes, you are valued. This Worthy series take a deep dive into your self-worth in Christ so that you can not only start believing that you’re worth, but you can start acting like you’re worthy!
Men of God should live with honesty and transparency, striving to integrate God into every area of our lives, including our sexuality. This series offers practical  tools to get and stay free from sexual sin.

How To Really Love a Woman

Sex Men and God

Emotional Fitness

When it comes to how men should love their wives, it can be confusing. The How To Really Love A Woman series by Dr. Doug Weiss helps men understand and apply tried-and-true principles to emotionally and relationally love their wives.
The Sex, Men, and God book dispels common misconceptions about sex within marriage, offering practical and biblical principles for men to understand and enjoy their sexuality as God intended in life.
Life throws all sorts of emotions our way, but that doesn't mean we have to be overwhelmed by them. With practical strategies and a clear roadmap, Dr. Doug Weiss empowers you to master your emotions and achieve a more fulfilling life. 

Intimacy 100 Day Guide

Married & Alone

Men Make Men

Rediscover intimacy in your marriage with this 100-day guide. Learn to build connection, overcome obstacles, and communicate effectively for a loving and lifelong relationship with your spouse.
If you're feeling unloved, uncherished, and disconnected in your marriage, know that you're not alone. The Married & Alone material offers insights into intimacy anorexia, providing validation, guidance, and healing for your situation.
Becoming a man isn't a solo journey; it requires the company of mature men. The Men Make Men series uncovers the foundational principles God instilled in every man, inspiring and challenging you to fulfill your unique calling as a man of God.

Lust Free Living

Discover how to attain a lust-free lifestyle with profound tips and practical applications offered in the Lust Free Living material. Gain a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for your life free from lust and sexual sin.

Sin of Withholding

Uncover the hidden sin that starves marriages of intimacy and connection. The Sin of Withholding DVD presents biblical insights and guidance on breaking free from this destructive pattern and restoring intimacy in your relationship.

Marriage Mondays

Learn how to have a stronger, more healthier marriage for life. This series offers biblical insights and practical tools for overcoming the common challenges in marriage and fostering growth and transformation with your spouse.

Final Freedom

Break free from the bondage of sexual immorality and step into a life of freedom! The Final Freedom material is geared toward helping individuals overcome sex addiction through effective steps and strategies.

7 Love Agreements

Explore Douglas Weiss' book on enhancing your marriage and the relationships in your life with the 7 Love Agreements. These principles promote deeper intimacy and personal growth, allowing you to create more fulfilling connections with others.

Intimacy Anorexia

Intimacy Anorexia is the active withholding of emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy from one’s spouse. Gain insight into the causes of this issue and discover effective strategies to restoring intimacy and connection in your relationship.

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