As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

When you meet with fellow Christians, you have godly examples of behavior and beliefs that can spur you in your own spiritual growth. You have access to people who can actively encourage you and walk beside you in trials and joys. How can you expect to maximize your growth in Christ without learning from the wisdom and insight other believers can offer?

Group Testimonials

Reed R. 

Sexual Integrity
"I liked that every group I attended I felt welcomed and safe to share my story in. I was given helpful insight and real support. Dr. Doug Weiss has a true GIFT. I have never met anyone with his ability to use his insight so naturally. He woke me up so I'm no longer acting as a boy and now I'm a responsible loving man and husband to my wife."

Daren & Madison K. 

Marriage Recovery
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compassion, professionalism, and excellent support and guidance we received. This is a fundamental turning point in my life and relationship with my wife. I believe that this multi-faceted approach is very comprehensive & addresses both educating and healing."

Janice C. 

Parents of Prodigals
I have started a small group for parents of prodigals. We use your resources, the Prodigal Parent Process. I sent the parents in my group your video to get the parents attention. We just finished our first session. This is just a great need with the families I work with. “What do I do and where did I go wrong?”
The resources you provided have the answer.

Ben G. 

Addiction Recovery
"I don't feel like there is a better possible experience that I could have gone through; nor do I feel like there is any experience I would've rather gone through during this time of my life. The guys in [the group] had a real brother-like relationship with each other that I feel like I really benefitted from when it came to sharing and talking about my addiction."

Group Testimonials

Jonathan L.

Tom & Kandice

Shawn A. 

Reed R. 

Sexual Integrity
Betrayal Recovery
12 years ago I inherited a small church that was, unbeknownst to me, steeped in all manners of sexual sin all all levels, from the pulpit to the very last pew. Through the teachings and trainings of Dr. Weiss, the Clean series, and going through the AASAT certification process; the church is on the road to sobriety and healing.
My husband battled porn addiction which turned to affairs, and also suffered from horrible intimacy issues which became more intense every year. He has followed your program and has been sober for 26 months. He was saved in July 2021, and gave a testimony last Monday in front of over 100 people. We have grown spiritually over the past two years. We will not allow the devil to separate us!
"[This] helped me grab hold of the truth about myself and God’s image in and of me while I began my healing. The truth of my worthiness was critical in confronting the failures I felt of myself, the damages I incurred as a young boy, and inflicted on my wife and family before facing the truth of my addictions and abusive behavior."
This teaching affirmed so much of what God has been pounding into me and patiently teaching me over the last 50+ years of ministry. As powerful and practical as it is biblically and theologically sound, the potential impact on the body of Christ and His Kingdom is limited only by the opportunities to share it with those still living in the bondage of worthlessness.

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