Stronger Together, led Dr. Doug Weiss, is an immersive cinematic series designed to help couples break free from the cycle of Intimacy Anorexia and rediscover lifelong intimacy. Through this series, couples will learn how to identify areas of disconnect, apply healing tools, connect emotionally, spiritually and physically, build trust, and communicate honestly.


This series can help you:
  • Discover areas of disconnect to apply powerful healing tools to those areas.
  • Learn to connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • Master simple steps to build trust and honest communication.
  • Get the keys to lifelong sexual healing and intimacy.
  • Create your blueprint for authentic marriage.

Sin of Withholding Bible Plan

The sin of withholding is often undetected, however it is responded by God in a consistent and firm manner. This sin is active and alive in churches, marriages, and families and has been present without a voice. As a result, our marriages and families are suffering. Once a believer is free of this sin, their walk with the Lord and their fruit toward others can increase expediently.


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

If you're struggling with Intimacy Anorexia in your relationship you're not alone. This group is designed to break the barriers of silence and connect you with a group of others who are healing their relationship with others who are struggling with intimacy anorexia. There is hope and healing in community. Go through the Stronger Together series with other couples locally or in a virtual group! Register or join a group below!

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